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IMVU users also do peer reviewing on virtual products waiting to be submitted into the IMVU catalog.

Furry RPGs include text-based online games (MUDs, MUCKs, MUSHes, etc.), role-playing games, card games, and both online and single-player computer games that include graphics.

Interact with people in Twinity and start a friendship in a virtual world with real people.

It is not affiliated in any way with the goods or services that may be parodied.

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A given number of credits equates, promo-credits cannot be used to purchase items as gifts for other members and may not be traded back to an IMVU re-seller for actual currency.

Promo-credits used to purchase a virtual product are exchanged into "developer tokens", also known as "dev tokens".

Twinity is a virtual world powered by real life, you can move and chat in real cities, partecipate to quiz and games, flirt and find your soulmate.

IMVU contains its own economy with a currency system based on IMVU "credits" and "promo credits".

According to the acquired site, this acquisition was "the natural and reasonable conclusion to bring these similar and often already connected communities together officially".

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