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well, i have recently gone through a divorce and for months i was just so lonely so i decided to try one of those online dating sites ive heard a lot about..

Violetdreams 5 years ago rachel, how can you say you don't want to be a homewrecker, yet you spent the past weekend with a man you clearly new was married?

thank you for taking time to read my story, god bless.thought i was deeply in love with my ex of almost 3 years.if people all felt the same and did everything the same way it would be a very boring world, people on line fall in love from the inside out, maybe you are not able to do that, and if that works for you, then fine.he states he is in love with me after only 2 weeks.often times, people you meet online aren't really who they tell they are..) you can never really know a person completely through internet interaction.only it were true 4 years ago when i was 25 i met a man through a singles dating ad.4 weeks ago i am currently in love with the man i meet online.last night for the very first time, after responding to his mail, he went online..i do like hem but i cant sayi love you.if in doubt, look up what true love is all about and then try matching it all up with an online relationship!?people may not always be who they project themselves to be online.if you had told me when i was 26 and brokenhearted that i would fall in love again, i would have said, "it could never be like it was.

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