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Aries cancer dating

Those born between 14 July and 22 July are not likely to completely satisfy your need for immediate and spontaneous activity; they are too idealistic for you.

These principles that I have learned were helpful in ways of helping me become more peaceful, more centered, more aware.

Aries woman leads a sovereign verse of life, while a Cancer man can be called an emotional poet.

It’s important to be yourself and not to put up a front.

You don’t need to tell everything about your life but at least be willing to open up to people and share something about yourself. I felt that for some years I have been spinning my wheels – not having a direction.

But always remember that the Cancerian creature is far more retiring and home-loving than you. Now steam is fine when it comes to matters of physical intimacy. But a steamy fog or lack of clarity on an emotional and mental level is a different matter altogether.

Your blistering enthusiasm, which is like a souce of pure energy that is always turned on, will overheat the cool and watery Cancer. This is where the difficulty between the two of you lies.

You need variety in love, and Cancer might be a little too staid — perhaps even boring — for you on a long-term basis.

But don’t give up — Homer and Marg Simpson seem to keep it together even though Homer is all over the place most of the time!

Aries Cancer Fire Water = Steam If you find yourself attracted to a Cancer and choose to enter into a serious relationship with them, you must continually remind yourself to move slowly and sensitively.

Cancer is a far more emotional sign than Aries, as its water element implies.

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