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First, to the coastline and forests that surround the city. Portland is home to Bao Bao, a James Beard Award–nominated dumpling shop downtown, and the tastiest pain au chocolat this side of Paris at the Standard Baking Com­pany in Old Port.

Salida’s residents share 100 miles of premier whitewater, Gold Medal trout fishing, seemingly endless alpine singletrack, a ski hill (800-acre Monarch Mountain is 30 minutes from town), and wood-fired-pizza restaurants that serve craft beer—all located roughly 140 miles from traffic-snarled Denver.

Sexual harassment includes the harassment of the same or of the opposite sex. What are some other examples of conduct that could be considered sexual harassment? Sexual harassment can take many forms, including repeated sexual flirtations, advances or propositions, continued or repeated language of a sexual nature, graphic or degrading comments about an individual or his or her appearance, the display of sexually suggestive objects or pictures, or any unwelcome or abusive physical contact of a sexual nature. Example: Robert tells Sue she´ll get the promotion if she sleeps with him. A "hostile environment" is a work atmosphere in which a pattern of offensive sexual conduct is involved.

It can also include conduct that is not sexual in nature but is gender-related. This terminology describes harassment that typically involves a supervisor giving or withholding employment benefits based upon an employee´s willingness to grant sexual favors.

Other employees laugh, but Nicole usually walks away.

Tom also keeps a calendar of semi-nude women posted in his office, despite Nicole´s comments that she finds the calendar demeaning.

Sexual harassment is defined as unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, or conduct of a sexual nature (verbal, physical, or visual), that is directed toward an individual because of gender.

Sexual harassment also includes situations in which employment benefits are conditioned upon sexual favors (quid pro quo); or in which the conduct has the effect or purpose of creating a hostile, intimidating, or offensive working environment (must be sufficiently pervasive or severe to create a hostile environment) Q. Example: Demi tells Michael his workload will double if he doesn´t join her for dinner. The administrative rules describe it as "Any unwelcome verbal or physical conduct that is sufficiently severe or pervasive to have the purpose or effect of unreasonably interfering with work performance or creating an intimidating, hostile, or offensive working environment." OAR 839-005-0010(3)(A) Example: Tom, Nicole´s supervisor, regularly compliments her figure and clothing.

Bend now has close to 80 outdoor-­related businesses, ranging from the established brand Hydro Flask to startup Cairn.

(Oregon State ­University–Cascades will soon offer a degree in gear design and marketing.) There’s a booming tech industry, an exploding food-cart scene, and a growing number of concerts—this year’s include Paul Simon and Ween.

The employer should take detailed statements from the complaining person, the alleged harasser, and witnesses, and determine if the allegations are supported by the investigation.

All steps of the investigation should be thoroughly documented. Even though Roseanne previously consented to and even actively participated in the conduct, the company must act if she communicates that she now finds it offensive. An employee alleging sexual harassment can file a lawsuit or a complaint with an administrative agency, without first exhausting intra-company remedies. What types of damages can be awarded to an employee who has a successful sexual harassment lawsuit? A court or administrative law judge may award damages including: back pay, counseling or medical costs; attorney fees, pain and suffering, and punitive damages.

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