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Each successive monarch faces in a different direction on British coins.

Azealia’s meltdowns, lashing out, name-calling and shocking outbursts scream louder than her lyrical acuity.

The sad fact is, many black and white relationships start out with a sizzle and then end in an explosion of grief. The attraction is real, at least at first, then eventually you descend into arguing, fighting and maybe even a breakup.

But you also can’t let their opinions subtly influence you in ways that may hurt your partner’s feelings. They usually do this because of their own experiences, while not stopping to consider that your circumstances are probably very different than theirs. Stereotypes may be based on a sliver of truth, but that “truth” never holds for all.

The best thing to do is to make an honest assessment of yourself and determine what you want in a relationship and what you can give. Understand that when family tension is apparent, you need to be strong and very emotionally supportive of your partner. If you are oblivious to the negativity coming from a parent, friend or relative they will sense this and the relationship will be strained. Sometimes it might be strangers out in public or even the minority community harassing you or your partner. So always be polite, but do keep in mind that when friends try to evaluate your relationship and give you unsolicited advice it can often cause more problems than it cures. Sadly, so many people try to act “against stereotype” or sometimes they may even want their partner to be more of a stereotype.

Middlesbrough, which has about 0.24 per cent of the UK's population, is responsible for 2.5 per cent of kerb-crawling convictions.

More than half of the London Underground network is overground.Mozambique's flag features a Kalashnikov - the only gun on a national flag.The Eiffel Tower is six inches taller in summer than in winter because it expands in the heat.Maybe they are simply a bad match in terms of their personality and values, even though the physical attraction is strong. You want to flirt with interracial dating, but are not committed.Sometimes, however, there are issues in interracial relationships that can make it challenging for you. It’s pretty common to desire someone physically but then take a step back when you realize commitment is a serious issue. We say it doesn’t matter what they think, but deep down it does.You can even earn a free Gold Membership for a certain period by either providing dating tips, constructive suggestions or helping eradicate spam profiles.Gold membership grants you the ability to initiate email conversations and search profiles using advanced keywords.Such fascinating but true 'did-you-knows' are among scores collected by upmarket intellectual magazine Prospect and published in a new book .. Two per cent of the electricity used by a lightbulb is converted into light - the rest into heat.A penny dropped from the top of the Empire State Building would only sting a pedestrian at ground level.650,000 People in South Korea have a Manchester United credit card.Our eyes are always the same size from birth, but our nose and ears never stop growing.

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