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Able seamen perform all operations connected with the launching of lifesaving equipment.

An Able Seaman is expected to be able to operate deck machinery, such as the windlass or winches while mooring or unmooring, and to operate cargo gear.

If you are qualified for the OUPV License, taking our course also qualifies you for the Master Inland License.

It would be nice to know if any of the captains we have sailed with are still on Princess ships and where they are now.

Maritime Institute's courses and tests are approved by the United States Coast Guard and National Maritime Center in lieu of taking the exams at the USCG Regional Exam Center.

To receive the upgrade from Master 100 Ton to Master 200 Ton you must meet the USCG requirements.

The checklist can be found on the National Maritime Center's website.

The water trail provides many opportunities to experience the waterway and its tributaries, the unique geology of the region, the biological diversity of plant and animal species and an abundance of recreational opportunities.

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The water trail also highlights the settlements, culture, and archeological evidence of the native peoples of the region. 1 7 | Falmouth Boat Access 8 | Conewago Access Area 9 | Kings Road Campground Access 10 | Conoy Picnic Access Area 11 | Bainbridge Access12 | River Park Access 13 | Decatur Street Access 14 | Marietta Access 15 | Commons Park Access 16 | Wrightsville Access 17 | Columbia River Park Access 18 | Klines Run Park 19 | Zimmerman Center for Heritage 20 | Blue Rock Heritage Center 21 | Lock 2 Boat Ramp (Upper) 22 | Lock 2 Boat Ramp (Lower)23 | Safe Harbor Park 24 | Peque Boat Ramp 25 | Otter Creek Campground 26 | York Furnace Boat Ramp 27 | Indian Steps Access 28 | Lock 15 Historic Area 29 | Muddy Creek Access 30 | Cold Cabin Access 31 | Dorsey Park Boat Launch 32 | Peach Bottom Marina 33 | Broad Creek Access In addition to river access, this site offers access to Conewago Falls, the river potholes, the Conoy Canal Trail, a remnant lock of the Pennsylvania Mainline Canal, and a view of the York Haven Dam.As with all our online courses this is done at your own pace and when it's most convenient for you.You have up to 4 weeks to complete the course but most of our students complete it in a lot less time.The Water Trail Maps and Guides are your portable information sources for accessing the Lower Section of the Susquehanna River Water Trail 1 | New Market Public Access Area 2 | Middletown Access 3 | Canal Lock Access 4 | Goldsboro Access No. Panel discusses some of the unique geological features of the Susquehanna River in this area, and how some commercial enterprises avoided, and others used, the river’s physical characteristics to their advantage.Panel discusses how the river has long been used as a north-south route but was an obstacle to east-west travel, and how this was put to good use during the Civil War when confederate troops tried to cross the river into Lancaster County.Includes a restored 1832 Witmer Grist Mill and provides river access for canoes and kayaks to explore the Conejohela Flats.Panel discusses the Conejohela Flats and the role it plays in providing vital habitat for shore birds and other migratory bird species.Our school and some of our courses are approved by POST for all California Law Enforcement such as DEA, Marshalls, Border Police, Customs, Harbor Police, Sheriffs and Police.for the USCG requirements for each of these licenses.Urey overlook, the Mason-Dixon Trail, and remnants of the historic York Furnace are all within walking distance. Also the starting point for the Susquehanna River Water Trail—Lower Section (Maryland),which is managed by the Lower Susquehanna Heritage Greenway Inc.The Susquehanna River Water Trail joins the Captain John Smith Chesapeake National Historic Water Trail.

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