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Kendra Wilkinson grabs the spotlight in this all-new reality series on E!

Just before the dragon took off, everyone looked down and saw Jon being dragged down onto the ice by wights, which was already cracked and broken. In fact, Jon is under the water for so long, that there are no wights near him when he surfaces.

Has a flyer inside for the promotion of season 2NO extras, claiming the hour episode where Bridget comes to the house to speak about what has been going on with Kendra & Hank ALL staged for TV but good to see No commentary on this set, that was the best part of TGND DVD sets And, we TGND fans can skip the NEW & A TOTAL LET DOWN TGND Especially since the twins, looking only for career opportunities moved out And, the theme song Kendra likes it & it is hers but I hate it Have to hit mute or just skip it If you have followed Kendra throughout the years your going to love this seson.

She and Hank continue to face life together, with all it's ups and downs, like a real couple would.

I did not start watching until the winter of 2009 I like Bridget & Holly Grew to like Kendra because I watched her season 1OF COURSE, A LOT OF IT IS STAGED FOR TV.

Good to see the REAL TGND together in some episodes.

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