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Fourths who are pushing hard for a preliminary final spot certainly helped their cause scoring 160 and having Sutherland 7 for 34 off 27 overs, while fifths had one of very few hiccups in their season being bowled out for 74 after dismissing Sutherland for 106.

While he only scored 20 off 76 balls, he took the brunt of the bowling with Axel to position us for runs later in the day as the bowlers tired and the wicket flattened out.

Axel, however, was a class above all the batsman on the day as he took toll of any loose balls and maneuvered the field with his classic drives and pushes into gaps on either side of the wicket.

There is one round remaining against Blacktown and the hopefully the finals series if Gordon can get there.

Elliot Richtor and Harry Evans both scored 30’s before a storm hit the Caringbah area and took the players from the field for an hour.

Tym Crawford was starting to look good when the rain came and then after with only a few overs left before the 6.30pm allowed finish time, he took to the bowling as only Tym can and at the end of the day was on 63 not out.

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In the end a score of 7 for 347 off 91 overs was not what Sutherland were hoping to achieve however they didn’t get to 4th on the ladder without batting well and will be formidable opponents next week.

In a surprise move Sutherland won the toss and sent Gordon into bat on what appeared a good batting wicket, however with their excellent attack led by Sixers and Australian T20 squad member Ben Dwashuis and recent NSW debut leg spinner Daniel Fallins available this week, they were keen to use their skills.

The bowling was very tight to start with Cam Eccles and Axel Cahlin holding firm against some aggressive bowling and taking the score to 76 before Cam was out just before lunch.

In two high scoring matches our first-grade side finished with 7 for 347 off 91 overs with Tym Crawford not out on 63 and in seconds we scored 5 for 359 with, in addition to Dom’s fine innings, Michael Roberts scored 59.

In thirds the game finished early with Sutherland 7 for 210 off 70 overs and Matt Wright bowling well taking 4 for 56 off 18 overs.

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