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The best tango orchestras would be booked for more than a year in advance.Each neighborhood would feature its own variation of tango, and intense rivalries often turned dance competitions into riots ended by the police.The tango dance became the courtship ritual of the middle class.

Certains d’entre vous se sont approchés de la reponse, d’autres doivent absolument arreter de fumer n’importe quoi le samedi soir…bon, faut avouer que c’était pas evident à deviner pour un habitant de Plouguerec sur creuset non plus.

Ces bâtiments sont en fait des « albergas transitorias » ou plus communement nommées « telo », verlan de « hotel ». Ils se situent principalement et discretement dans les petites rues de Buenos Aires (comprendre: pas sur les avenues) et les lumières fluorescentes sont le seul signe de reconnaissance.

Elaborate unwritten codes of behavior in the “milongas” or dance gatherings became as much a part of tango as the dance itself.

Influenced by the rise of repressive military dictatorships in Argentina after World War II, tango dancing slowly declined in the face of curfews and clampdowns on public gatherings.

Young men in neighborhood gangs would practice the steps with each other in order to become skilled enough to win the attentions of a woman.

A beginner would often dance the follower’s part for six months to a year before being shown how to lead.As Argentina became very wealthy around the turn of the century, the sons of rich families would often look for adventure and excitement in the rougher parts of town, and learned the tango as part of their escapades.Some of these young men of privilege would show off the tango as a treat for their friends on their sojourns to Paris, then the cultural capital of the world.Votre chambre est donc conçue pour passer un bon moment bien accompagné.Télé avec films X en continu, preservatifs, gel et savons un peu partout, deco thematique: leopard, cuir, kitch ou palais des glaces et service offert de l’hotel: champagne, plateau repas, un peu plus de ceci ou moins de cela.But in Argentina, the blessings of the tango-mad people of Paris led to an acceptance of the original homegrown tango in all classes of society.Tango musicians found themselves elevated from roughneck street performers to respected and adored composers.They brought their music: the sweet sounds of the violin, the driving flamenco guitar, the strange mournful wail of the bandoneon – and their dances: the waltz, the mazurka, the polka – and mixed them with the Argentine folk music and dance, with the Cuban habanera, with the African candombe rhythms from the freed slaves’ street parties.With very few women around, many of these young men found themselves looking for excitement in the bordello districts of the burgeoning port cities.In the late 1800’s, millions of European immigrants arrived on the shores of the Rio de la Plata in South America, in the two port cities of Montevideo, Uruguay and Buenos Aires, Argentina.Most of them were Italian and Spanish, and the vast majority were single young men looking to make their fortunes in America.

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