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So-called complete surveillance systems are sometimes used as granny cams, and usually include a digital video recorder, several cameras, and monitors.

Similar to so called nanny cams that are used to monitor child care for small children, granny cams are used to monitor the care of vulnerable people who are sometimes unable to properly communicate with others.

And it just makes me sad that the first thing they led with is animojis. Business chat will come to select apps like Lowes or Wells Fargo.

Major features in i OS 11 and we're still waiting almost eight months later, you know what that's a bad Apple [UNKNOWN] Yeah, the first one of 2018. Now the developer beta is out with a public beta coming shortly. And no, I'm not throwing out any bad apples at it Just yet.

Apple announced the Home Pod preorders will again open this Friday on January the 26th in the US, UK and Australia for 349 US dollars. But you know what, you guys still have great maple syrup.

And it can have up to two damage incidents, similar to the i Phone and other Apple Care products.

But Apple's press release really tells us everything we need to know about it.

But if you're looking for something really special from the home pod, the only thing it has a chance of doing better than the Amazon Echo or the Google Home, even the Sonos One is sounding better.

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Its behind feature-wise in every other way from Siri, Smart Home device compatibility, third party music services, and apps or smart skills. But there has been this really bad pattern that Apple's now establishing as their identity and brand.

Cameras that record sound can be especially problematic, because of laws against illegal wiretapping and eavesdropping.

In a nursing home environment, a hidden granny cam in a private room can be considered an invasion of the elderly person's and the staff's privacy.

Getting consent from the elderly person being monitored, and from caregivers, is one way to avoid legal issues.

But what a week to come back to with plenty of meaty news.

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