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Although some 6000 theses and dissertations were accepted between 19 no cumulative listing has been available except in card files in the university library. degrees were awarded until 1928, in which year Duke University's Zoology department accepted its first mas- ter's thesis and doctoral dissertation.

Permission of the author is necessary before photocopies may be made.

A final word concerning Bachelor of Divinity theses.

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Since January 1958 Duke University has participated in the University Microfilms program whereby microfilm or xerox copies of dissertations may be purchased directly from University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Michi- gan.

At the library's discretion, second copies of all Duke theses and dissertations may be borrowed through regular interlibrary loan procedures.

The original typed copy of every thesis and dissertation is kept in the University library's archives. Corrections, additions and suggestions for future editions will be gratefully received by the Reference Department, Perkins Library, Duke University.

Usually, a second copy is avail- able either in the Graduate Reading Room or in the appropriate science departmental library.

For a few years the same thesis was accepted for two degrees: the B.

Santadusit, Aroon Ekchandra, 1921- Studies upon implanted ovarian tissue in spayed albino rats, follow- ing cultivation in vitro for varying lengths of tine ...

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