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Com sun xml parser validating parser

It implements the SAX 1, SAX 2.0.1, and JAXP 1.1 (SAX parsing only) interfaces as a non-validating parser and attempts to detect all XML well-formedness errors. It is fully conforming: it detects all non well-formed documents. However it can parse all external entities: external DTD subsets, external parameter entities and external general entities.

JDOM is, quite simply, a Java representation of an XML document.

Several Fortune 500 customers have adopted XMLBeans based on speed alone.

VTD-XML is the next generation XML parser that goes beyond DOM and SAX in terms of performance, memory and ease of use.

* Speed - XMLBeans is optimized for performance at many levels.

For example, XMLBeans lazily constructs objects from XML, so that you do not have the performance overhead of object creation when you only access portions of an XML document.

Many Jakarta projects read XML configuration files to provide initialization of various Java objects within the system.

There are several ways of doing this, and the Digester component was designed to provide a common implementation that can be used in many different projects.

Ji BX is designed to perform the translation between internal data structures and XML with very high efficiency, but still allows you a high degree of control over the translation process.

At a high level XMLBeans is an XML-Java binding tool that uses XML Schema as a basis for generating Java classes that you can use to easily access XML instance data in a natural manner in your Java programs.

Basically, the Digester package lets you configure an XML - Java object mapping module, which triggers certain actions called rules whenever a particular pattern of nested XML elements is recognized.

A rich set of predefined rules is available for your use, or you can also create your own.

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