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Coulter and maher dating

He expressed the Platonic ideal of Bill Maher: "If there's a sliver of bullshit, he does not accept it.

Twenty-five thousand feet over Oklahoma, I was reading on my laptop when I spotted an op-ed making the case for Marine Le Pen, the far-right candidate for French president. I'm not a fan of supporting a crypto-fascist."Maher pressed me as though I were one of his panelists. You know she kicked her dad out of the party.""Yeah, but I just find some of her positions kind of horrible," I told him."I'm not sure you know what you're talking about," Maher insisted.

(A week later, Le Pen would lose the election, with just 34 percent of the vote.) Maher was settled into his plane seat with his favorite comic read, the I saw him tousle his silver mane and asked him, with a snicker, whether he'd seen the op-ed."Are you saying they shouldn't have published it? "If you think democracy as we know it will survive if France becomes 51 percent Muslim, you're fooling yourself along with a bunch of other liberals."I began to mount a counterargument—that many of Le Pen's remarks on immigrants were proto-Trumpian, that France was, at present, just 7.5 percent Muslim—but Maher had turned back to the through 2018.

"The plane emerged from the storm a few minutes before we landed at Midway Airport with a thump.

At the regal Chicago Theatre, Maher stepped onstage in front of more than three thousand fans.

The day after he sparred with Warren, I joined him on a flight to Chicago, where he had a show scheduled that night.

I brought up the Pocahontas remark before he disappeared under his sleep mask."Is that when it looked like she was tearing up? "Just like everybody in life, not everything everybody says is always the most wonderful thing they ever heard that day," he said, without quite suggesting remorse. You move on." (Maher did, however, apologize for using the -word with Sasse, calling it "offensive.")Three hours later, our plane bucked over Illinois in near-zero visibility, jostling the unpasteurized goat-milk yogurt he had brought for the flight.

Maher didn't miss a chance to needle her with one of Trump's own epithets.

Attempting to explain the Democrats' dismal fortunes with working-class voters, he told her, "They don't like you, Pocahontas." Warren didn't respond to the insult, choosing instead to stare a hole through her host's high forehead.

He finished his routine by urging a standing ovation for Maher, who blew a kiss to the audience as he moved toward his mark on the stage.'s format is a throwback to a seventies talk show—with a monologue, an interview, a panel discussion, some jokes, and a closing argument—but here everything is done without the benefit of breath-catching commercial breaks.

This setup sometimes leads to what can feel, in the moment, like a random car wreck, but Maher's been doing comedy for forty years.

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