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We went in the handicapped area and I ate his ass and blew him.

This is a good private place especially during the summer wh...

I went to this party a couple of weeks ago and I gotta say it's one of the hottest times I have ever had. New here from Ukraine and I found some hot party to go to! I was expecting few guys but saw that there were lot of hot fit ones. I'm really fed up with about half the guys that hang out in the steam/sauna. I live across the street and went for a walk last week and found a black guy with an MTA jacket cruising. Remember, students use bathrooms beyond the check poin...

The OP mentions that there is no donation but they did ask for one when I went. Stopped in at lunchtime and security asked me for ID and asked where I was going. Four different days last week I saw an officer who looked more like a cop than a security guard standing outside the bathroom door. The sauna is a great place for students to rub one out together.

Finally opening the door I found him on the phone and wearing only a pair of white briefs.

He covered the phone receiver with his free hand and whispered to me, "It' my wife." Dropping to my knees I swallowed his dick and he immediately started talking dirty to his wife!

This is the second time I've tried to get to the front desk, but the guard at the ground-floor asks for a hotel card or for someone (presum...

Just went there yesterday and jerked off with a hot young Latino guy at the urinals.

It's always packed with old ladies sunning and lunching office types. I live nearby this beautiful little park in the Village. Rarely does something obviously sexually suggestive occur. Yeah, not a place to have sex in public but I was checking this park out and sat across from this hot redheaded soccer player type reading a paper. On the very rare occasion that a good looking guy comes into the showers, he showers and is pretty much out of there in 2 minutes and who can blame hi... I was sitting on one of the benches, stared at a suited guy walking by, he gave a me a look back and next thing I know I was sucking his cock. They're pretty lax, say you are going to library or health center. There is absolutely nothing cruisy or sexy about this place.

When he repositioned his legs I saw he wasn't we... I swear some of these guys live here because last week I had to change up my work out schedule and go in the morning and the same trolls who are there... You will always get action here but it most likely won't be with anyone remotely attractive. You just need to find a place and give out the right sign... There are no longer any lockers to keep your coats and valuables. Sometimes you can find action here due to that it's out of the way. It is pretty hit and miss there now, with mostly crack head hustlers and tired old lechers. It is pretty high traffic, too, and most men I see there are over 60 years of age.

We went upstairs to the third floor restrooms, which were unlocked for more privacy. The locker room is so small that it's almost impossible to seriously cruise.

Everyone is on top of each other and the door is right there.

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