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Cursoradapter not updating base tables

One of the most exciting new features of Visual Fox Pro 8 is the Cursor Adapter class, which provides a common interface for working with data from many different sources.

With the introduction of the Cursor Adapter class in VFP 8, the Fox team has finally made a significant change in the way a VFP application accesses data, whether it is native or from a remote data source.

Additionally, the setup of Cursor Adapter classes will be somewhat familiar to those who are well-versed in the behavior of views and SPT, as well as the alternative data sources of using ADO Record Sets or XML documents.

First, you have two ways to create a Cursor Adapter.

You can use the Data Environment builder or you can build the class "by hand" through a program or the class designer.

The code that creates the database in the Simple Cursor Table Adapter/Home vdb = new Vegetable Database(this); cursor = vdb. Raw Query("SELECT * FROM vegetables", null); // cursor query Start Managing Cursor(cursor); // use either Simple Cursor Adapter or Cursor Adapter subclass here! The parameters for the Simple Cursor Adapter constructor are: Context – A reference to the containing Activity. ICursor – A cursor containing the SQLite query for the data to display.

From string array – An array of strings corresponding to the names of columns in the cursor.Cursor adapters provide a high-performance way to scroll through long lists of data that are stored in SQLite.The consuming code must define an SQL query in a object and then describe how to create and populate the views for each row.But, since we must walk before we can run, let's take a basic tour through the Cursor Adapter class and its different incarnations.After that, it will be easier to devise a strategy for building data classes using the Cursor Adapter Class.To integer array – An array of layout IDs that correspond to the controls in the row layout.The value of the column specified in the // which columns map to which layout controls string[] from Columns = new string[] ; int[] to Control IDs = new int[] ; // use a Simple Cursor Adapter list View. Simple List Item1, cursor, from Columns, to Control IDs);.Be sure to select the Data Environment class in the "Based On" drop down.Name the class de Test and store it in a class library called Another example might be a situation where the data is currently stored in VFP tables, but future plans are to move to a database server, like SQL Server or Oracle.You would build a set of Cursor Adapter classes first for VFP and then, if necessary, replace these classes with SQL Server equivalents when necessary.

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