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Dating an uncool guy

It's almost like he doesn't want me to have friends.

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He even gets mad sometimes when I go hang out with my girlfriends because they're in a sorority and he strongly believes in the stereotype.You should ask yourself if this relationship really justifies all this drama, so early and over so little. Whether or not he's hooking up with this woman, doesn't it sound like he's attracted to some unstable friends? Most important: Do you have any reason to believe that things will get better and not worse?If not, cut your losses before you're just another act in his carnival. We met the summer after my senior year of high school. C, and I had committed to an out-of-state school that was about a six-hour drive away.Not only is that unfair, unrealistic, and just plain uncool, it's not a great long-term strategy either.You're not going to be happy if he successfully severs your ties to the outside world.And put on a shirt that isn't tie-dyed with pizza stains! " In this case, that sounds like a perfectly reasonable thing to do. During this time, his ex has "attacked" and gotten other girls to "attack" me all over social media.After he told her to stop, she did, but he still wants to be friends with her and texts her all the time.Should I be worried that there's more to the friendliness?You should be worried — both about the friendliness and about how much this guy likes such dysfunctional attention.

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