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Stockholm has been named the city with the best-looking men.

The Swedish capital beat New York City, Amsterdam, Lisbon and Buenos Aires.

This captivating young woman speaks Bulgarian, English, French, Spanish and Italian!

She currently lives in New York where she works as a model.

Quotes: Modeling is lots of fun and a great job for young, healthy and adventurous women that love to travel and pose in front of the camera for ours or walk the catwalk in ridiculously high heel shoes. Interesting Facts: Silvia has appeared in a number of prestigious magazines such as US Cosmopolitan.

She has also done quite a few advertisements and fashion shows worldwide for famous fashion brands.Because when women sense you have the traits he reveals on this video (which btw, have nothing to do with being “alpha”)... If you need help in ANY of these three areas, CLICK and grab one of the last few spots right now at no cost.Birth Name: Silvia Ranguelova Date of Birth: November 14, 1983 Place of Birth: Sofia, Bulgaria Nationality: Bulgarian Occupation: Model Height: 5 ft 10 in; 1.78 m Measurements: 34-23-35 (in); 86.5-58.5-89 (cm) Ranguelova in one sentence – Silvia is a beautiful Bulgarian model with an incredible smile.Similar to their Russian and Ukrainian counterparts, girls here are often tall and light-eyed," according to the site's description.Ukrainian capital Kyiv has been named the city with the most beautiful women, followed by Stockholm, New York City ans Buenos Aires.Quite a few guys have tried to get me drunk on a date, thinking I will become easy and spread my legs wide open on the influence of the fermented juice in my blood.But you see, we Bulgarian women are introduced to alcohol in our teenage years, long before we turned legal age, so our livers are immune to it.“Love Bulgaria Beauty Contest” 1% (speciality after the show) Dino, you havn't got the right perspective on this important subject area.As a true European, I don't speculate in nations, but regions. (1) The ones living north of the Alps and, (2) the ones living south of the Alps. Nothing can beat a short legged, dark haired Bulgarian woman. Hehe Having been to all the cities in the report, I fully concur.Play drinking games with us and be that loser who woke up alone in a closed bar at 10am.Kifla is the Bulgarian equivalent of the French croissant with filling and it is a word we use for women who put way too much effort into looking good.

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