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I would say that it is “Vivien’s coping mechanisms” to delay and avoid important subjects.

As is obvious from her pics, she is a gorgeous woman.

I ask, thinking that Vivien struggles so much with her anger and her shame at being angry, that it is hard for her to be forthright.

“No one likes being lied to,” I say, trying to help her shame, but also realizing that I did not let her answer my question, likely because I am feeling so rushed. Maybe it is not such a big deal.” Vivien says, with consistent defenses of avoidance and minimization.

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To enjoy Niki’s live webcam you’ll need to buy credit and enter her video chat. We are grateful to have everyone as a part of Cam Contacts community as we work together to make it the best!If I strictly adhere to my time limits, then I might seem rigid and uncaring.I say, as Vivien knew I would, “I don’t mean to interrupt, but whatever you tell me, we won’t have time to talk about it very much today, and I am sorry about that since I suspect that what you are going to tell me is a challenging subject.” Vivien nods her head with understanding and proceeds to tell me that she just found out that her husband has been lying to her about giving money to his adult son, her step-son. “I can understand why you are furious, but why did you wait until the end to bring it up?I was surprised by the content, but not the method of delivery.The lay person might say it is “Vivien’s style” to be indirect and curvaceous in her communication.If you don’t feel the same way, you shouldn’t enter her room.This room is for people who are into submission and obedience only.Check her out (Cam chat for .00/minute only) Her world is the world of temptation and exploration. Sensual and tactile, yet with a naughty twinkle in her eyes.She loves to tease and see that guys want her gorgeous body.“I think you left it to the end because it is a big deal.” I say, implying that her style is clear and self-injurious.It does not help her to minimize her pain in the way that she often does.

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