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“I remember [having] really delicious oatmeal with blueberries. “I was dating somebody who worked with her, so I got to go back and meet her. “It’s always hysterical when the judges say, ‘I don’t think that was a good song choice for you,’ and I’m thinking, ‘You picked that song.’” Frenchie says for her and so many other contestants, song choice was a constant frustration.8. Dia (season one) says her coach Blake Shelton always texted her back “whenever I was worried or uneasy about something.” Jessie (season two) also had his number: “It was a different time.” For Kat (season six), Adam Levine was available by a specific email and a phone number that led to his assistant. “It was ridiculous,” recalls Vicci (season one), who says that even Blake and Adam’s assistants and makeup artists got along right from the get-go.

“I could email Adam literally 24/7 and he was really great about responding and making sure I felt comfortable, even during the night before.” 9. For the early seasons of the show, Blake often invited the cast and crew to the house he shared with then-wife Miranda Lambert. You got to see them be friends and Blake was really good at breaking the ice.” Jessie (season two) also had a similar experience during the show: “Blake had us over at his house when we weren’t filming. “It was cool to see Adam’s tribe and Blake’s tribe [together]. Adds Frenchie (season one): “I never questioned it, and I wasn’t even on their team.” 11. “I didn’t know if his witty stuff was written for him and if he was manufactured, but he was exactly what you want him to be,” says Kat (season six).

“He just wanted to know if you were OK, and that was so cool. Rehearsal time is often dependent on the schedule of the famous person you're working with.

“I was expecting an untouchable superstar, but he was the most grounded, most down to earth, friendly person I’d ever met.” 12. According to Kat (season six), Adam would always check in with his team even before the cameras were rolling.recently spoke to five past contestants about the realities of competing on producers were “really persistent” in having her meet up for an audition.“What I realized is they wanted to make it a show that had real artists, people who were serious about doing music and not just people who sing in the bathroom.” Fellow season one contestant Frenchie Davis, who previously competed on ’ and wanted me to consider auditioning.’” Season six contestant Kat Perkins adds that without this auditioning format, she never would have been on the show.“They just said, ‘Good luck,’ and then you’re on your own.” is your life 24/7 until you get eliminated or win.Jessie Poland, who competed under the name "Charlotte Sometimes" in season two, put her New York apartment up for sublet while the show filmed in L. The demanding show schedule made it nearly impossible to do anything else, like a part-time job: “I couldn’t make a ton of money.The minute you are eliminated, you walk from that stage and into the psychiatrist’s office for a debriefing. “It’s very needed because you’ll never go through anything like it again. Jessie (season two) says she still hangs out with her team members.It’s traumatic and you’re not really emotionally set up to do something that big that quickly.” 16. She works with some of them and goes to yoga with others. “I was engaged to someone at the time and we had to break up because of [].I had just bought a house in my hometown [Tacoma, Washington], and I actually just ended up giving the house away and staying in L. The spinning red chairs are not all they're cracked up to be. The 'Bachelorette' winner threw a huge engagement party Thursday with her fiance Bryan Abasolo, the guy she gave her final rose to on the reality show.The couple's party was held at a fancy crib overlooking the picturesque beaches off the Malibu coast.

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