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But dating for the first time turned me into an ignorant tourist in a foreign country where I didn't know the local customs. Now couples are more likely to move in together without agreeing on their life goals first.

"The less-committed partner can hide out in the relationship for a long time," says Scott Stanley, Ph.

So after two weeks of crying, she forced herself onto a dating site, telling herself there were plenty of great guys out there. "I didn't know how to act." The two had great chemistry over dinner, but at the end of the night, "he pecked me on the lips," she recalls. Taking her cues from Hollywood chick flicks, "I thought if the guy likes you, he gives you this passionate kiss," she says.

Stanley says inertia, convenience, and financial benefit can cause a relationship between 20-somethings to drag on—for four to seven years for more than 50 percent of cohabiting couples, according to one study.

The thing that puzzles me is when I sent her text messages. not likely) One other thing, we had a discussion about the different dating habits between canada and korea. Does a guy actually sit her down and say "will you be my gf? If any girls could give me some advice on korean dating culture it would be appreciated. Network: Lifein (English) | Vidaen (Spanish) | Lifein (Korean) Lifein | Lifein | Lifein Copyright 1997-2018 Life in Local, Inc.

Unless if it is a direct question ie) what are you doing tonight? In my experience if I sent message to a westernized girl (ie. She (and others) said that Koreans would usually date a while (with no kissing) and then have a discussion about becoming BF and Gf.

Its snowing hard outside, so dress warmly) to show my concern for her, I would get a response (ie. You too) but with this Korean girl, I usually wont get a reply to such a question. and I should keep showing my feelings towards her because that is what she wants?

It was Saturday night, and my dinner-party guests had all gone home—except one.

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