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Dating in belgium

Indeed to women who are more used to the informal and spontaneous ways of south European or Latin cultures, Belgian men can even seem distant and formal.

This is not only so that you come off as well-informed but because unlike say Austria or Denmark, Belgium is not a homogenous country with one national identity.

Each area of Belgium is likely to have its own particularities.

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Diversity in culture When getting to know a Belgian guy, ensure that you have done some background research on the country, its culture and its people.

Thus unlike men from some cultures where sporting a two-day stubble and grubby nails is a masculine thing, men in Belgium are very particular about their grooming.

They are neatly and yet fashionably turned out with their sense of style probably a French influence.Don’t wolf down your food no matter how hungry you are after all that walking.Rather take your time to appreciate the food and better still appear dainty and ladylike in your table manners.Rather be turned out in smart yet feminine dresses so that your guy notices and appreciates your sense of style.Likewise Belgians are extremely particular about cleanliness in their surroundings.In general the three predominant cultures exist in the country – towards the north, the region is known as Flanders with primarily Dutch influence.The southern part is known as Wallonia and is mainly French culturally while the northeast has more of German influence.Belgium is a small country in Western Europe that is bordered by larger neighbors like Germany and France.And yet it is has its own political, financial and cultural importance as evident from the fact that the Belgian capital city Brussels is the headquarters of the European Union parliament. So if you are keen to meet and date men from Belgium, here is a brief account of what you can expect.Thus you can count on your Belgian guy to take you to the places where the best chocolates and finest liquor are served.But while you are out on a dinner date with him take special care of your table manners.

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