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Dating places in kathmandu

Here you’ll enjoy lots of open space, great landscape, Manjushree Park and also lots of couples enjoying their best of the best time together. So, come and enjoy our second dating spot with lots of fun.

If your girlfriend loves some peace and greenery, our third dating spot will definitely helps you out.

Kirtipur has its own historical background, culture and inhabitants. However, this time around my effort goes to bring for other aspects of the Kirtipur.

Chovar is just 5 km distance form Kathmandu or 10 minutes ride in the bike. It’s just a 6 km or 15 mins ride from the heart of Kathmandu. However, it is one of the emerging best dating spots around Kirtipur. Again, if your girlfriend is hungry, no need to worry; there is lots of food courts nearby which only charge reasonable price.

First visitors of the Chovar may feel like it’s the place just like heaven but still it is hidden for them, how?? With the breezing air that makes girlfriend’s hair to play in your face, I’m being very romantic here, let me stop here. The teenagers are increasing day by day to visit it for their dating purpose.. If you are planning to come in bikes there is parking facilities as well.

There is no mandatory to take some dry foods while visiting this dating spot because there are lots of local restaurants offering different varieties.

The place like Puspalal, your girlfriend is giving company to you and now do not take your eyes off from her eyes and try to discern the things what she is communicating.

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