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Dating single moms is a bad idea

But allow me to free you of the shackles of making the egregious mistake of committing to a woman with one or more whipper snappers runnin’ around, and give you 8 reasons you need to get off this narcotic.

Back when they’re childless, women in their late teens and early 20s have awesome bodies. Fraudulent clothing may help a little but you’ll run for the hills when she takes her clothes off.

Dating single moms is a bad idea 1000 online dating site

Most men with red pill awareness know that single moms are a bad bet in terms of any sort of commitment outside of a one night stand or a one week fling.Their tits are perky, their asses are tight, their midsections are sexy as hell (often adorned with navel piercings), and their skin is soft and supple. Her tits start to sag, cellulite begins to make its way onto her ass and thighs, and her tummy isn’t quite so tight anymore. Granted, there are many women out there with multiple children whose bodies show little to no signs of childbirth.But because of “body positivity” and the glorification of single motherhood, women have little to no motivation to get back into shape after shitting out a few offspring. They’re told they’re perfect no matter how they look and that their children make them the most desirable women out there!Let me be clear when I say this so there’s no mistaking what I’m saying: I have never met a single mother who was a good mother. Every single single mom I know is a bad mother and there are no exceptions.They’re selfish, impulsive, and rarely think of their children when making decisions (especially when deciding to fuck multiple men).Oh they’ll tell you they were in a committed relationship and that her baby daddy(s) ain’t shit.They’ll tell you they were all alcoholic, drug addicts who fucked prostitutes while he gambled all their money away then came home, beat the shit out of her every night and called her names. They’ll never tell you they had a one night stand with their boss or that they went home with some dude from the club and forgot to take the morning after pill.A false accusation of abuse against her kids is quite another.And if you think a woman wouldn’t stoop to those depths to get back at you for a perceived “wrong” you’ve done to her, think again.” That may be true but you can bet your ass she’s on her phone texting with the 8 niggas she’s fuckin’ and has no idea what happened in the game.But not to worry…her mother will tell her all about it when she picks him up from her house again when she returns the next morning from another all night fuck fest with whatever his name was.

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