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Dating someone 10 years older than you

much younger than you, it may be the perfect time to increase your dating age range to include someone who's a bit more established in life."If you aren't quite fitting in with your peers because of a difference in interests, you are probably meant to date someone from a different generation," Rogers says.As Klapow tells me, this may be the perfect remedy if you feel tired of your age group, or stuck, plateaued, or bored. Age is just a number, and it shouldn't hold you back when it comes to who you do or do not date.

"You want to explore the emotional nooks and crannies of your relationship with a person who is comfortable and willing to go there."If you constantly look for someone between the ages of 22 and 26, then you're really limiting yourself in terms of dating opportunities.

Don't be afraid to expand that age range up a few years, especially if you feel stuck.

It doesn't matter if they're three years older, ten, or more — they still could be your perfect match.

When my 25-year-old boyfriend unceremoniously dumped me after having a threesome with two girls I knew well enough to say hello to in the street, I fell into a spiral of despair. The pit of my stomach, a part of my body I’d never be aware of the existence of before, was suddenly raw. The prescription offered by everyone as the perfect tonic to get out of this was the same: ‘you need an older man’, they all said in unison. The clichés about older men looking for younger women exist for a reason.

You're likely attracted to their maturity and wisdom. There's something very attractive about a person who's experienced life's ups and downs, since it often means they're full of good stories and sage advice.

As Klapow says, "You want someone who has experienced multiple life transitions.

I flirted with him shamelessly all night, asked him what it was like to be an adult in the 90s and demonstrated my interest in fine wine with comic aplomb. It wasn’t that he’d been nearly married before, that didn’t make me jealous or uneasy at all.

Looking back, I like to think I was treading a fine line between charming, sexy and ridiculous. It wasn’t that he had lived a whole life before me, it was fascinating to hear about.

If your life experience has caused you to grow up fast, then you might feel more comfortable with someone's who has been there, too.

"For example someone who has been on their own earlier than usual," says relationship expert Dr. "The woman that leaves home early, whether by choice or circumstance, is going to be more mature and seek out a older partner."If you've always had a crush on your boss, or the parent (instead of the hot son or daughter) on your favorite TV show, counselor David Bennett tells me you might really enjoy being with someone older.

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