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Families become friends through their work connection.These relationships make sense because the commonalities that coworkers share such as proximity to the workplace, shared interests, similar ages, children about the same age, the actual work and customers, and similar incomes, encourage friendships and potential romantic relationships.

Yes, relationships can also go awry and result in friction and conflict at work. The key with a fraternization policy is to minimize the impact of the things that can go wrong on your workplace and maximize the powerfully positive aspects of employee relationships.

People have broken up with serious romantic partners. You also want to identify the relationships that are forbidden because of their potential impact at work.

In addition, the Judge noted that even if the contract term was applicable, he would likely have refused to enforce because it was ‘unconscionable’–it had the effect of reducing the notice period from 18 months to 9 weeks notice. Oracle for a discussion of the enforceability of a notice clause that complies with the ESA).

The 18 months notice would have been reduced to 6 months, though, because the employee spent twelve months renovating his cottage with his forgiving spouse, rather than looking for a job.

With so much in common, friendships and romantic relationships are a natural outcome of the environment.

These friendships and romances can also affect the workplace positively adding to the sense of teamwork and camaraderie.At best, it is ambiguous as to whether the term applies to a dismissal for alleged cause, and we know from cases like Christensen v.Family Counselling Centre that an ambiguous notice term will not be enforced by the courts.That would be on top of the money he had already paid his own lawyer.The employer has to pay the difference between the legal bill (around 0,000) and the ,000 the employee was ordered to pay.The judge believes that the legal issues were no so complex that an employment law firm should have needed that much research done.In the end, the Judge orders the plaintiff (the losing employee) to pay ,000 (out of close to 0,000) towards the employer’s legal bill.Employee oriented, forward thinking workplaces recognize that one of the places that employees meet their eventual spouse or partner is at work.Workplace friendships flow naturally into personal lives.So you can see the point I make in class: that litigating a wrongful dismissal case is a costly, risky, and (often) economically irrational thing to do.The dating or fraternization policy adopted by an organization reflects the culture of the organization.

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