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If you were a woman and you were talking about guys, your argument might have some merit.

there have been folks who have viewed my profile who i then wrote - to ... so i think that pretty much settles the issue for me but figured i'd throw it out there for opinions from general popluation.thanks It means the person viewed your profile.

It's not like anyone who isn't browsing profiles in ``stealth mode'' has the option to decide after viewing your profile if he/she wants to let you know of the visit.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.i have a lot of people view my profile but none of which ever initiate contact.

of the ones i initiate contact (nice, thoughtful emails, related to the profile, etc etc) no one ever writes back anyhow - so i just presume that ideally, there's not anything of interest i'm offering to folks - tis ok, it happens.question is, if someone views your profile does that mean they're too shy to initiate email but are hoping you'll email them.

i tend to think that if someone views my profile but doesn't write - that pretty much says they're not interested because it takes little to no investment to write someone to say hello.As a guy - I think that if somebody adds you to their *favorites* list, it's an initiation in hopes that you'll email them.Viewing is simply viewing and isn't any kind of initiation at all.Vice-versa, as a guy, I don't expect an email after a view or interpret no email as I might email if I'm picture w/my dog is relatively new (last week or so). and after, i haven't paid any attention to whether the views are more or less though."i didn't nor do i necessarily believe that to be the case - and w/replies from others on this thread - that pretty much substantiates my thoughts, that just because someone viewed a profile - doesn't in any way infer "interest" or "hope of being emailed by that person" - so that pretty much lays that question to rest.thanks to everyone who posted and shared their insight.Message: I viewed *November babee*'s so I could see what's on her head, and also jerseygirl2008 because it looks like she's holding food............I don't put much weight on the viewed me. You're not a bad looking guy, you love animals, you have a sense of humor that doesnt come across as mean spirited, so from what I can see you should be getting some replies.I would only count the ones that actually respond or talk to you. Are the women you are mailing looking for the same things as you?I had a woman email me once to say that, "Well, you viewed my profile, but you didn't email me, so that must mean that you're not interested?"I figure there are a lot of women out there that feel the same way.

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