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The objects pictured here are mute witnesses from the conflict: each has a story of its creation and its subsequent use in the field. For many items associated with war, that tale is plain to see: machine guns intended to kill, gas masks to protect.

The proliferation of the concept was aided by Lord Derby, who suggested that the “commercial classes” might wish to serve in battalions of “pals”.

For the Liverpool Pals, Lord Derby commissioned silver badges bearing his family “eagle and child” emblem.

Ferdinand continued to the town hall but, later, the driver took a wrong turn and a member of the Black Hand grasped his opportunity, firing his pistol twice.

The bullet that killed the Archduke became known as “the shot that was heard around the world”.

From January 1916, all 'P’ helmets were dipped in hexamine, which absorbs phosgene gas.

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These helmets were clammy, cloying and unpleasant to wear.

These can still be found on public display Some are from private collections: others in national museums or local collections.

Each helps bring the tumultuous incidents of 1914 to 1918 into focus today.

The First World War played a vital role in shaping the world we live in.

One hundred years on, its events and its impact can be difficult to comprehend – but break it down into smaller narratives and it becomes more accessible.

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