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Diablo updating tools

Now keep in mind, with the exception of the custom tune option, these tunes will still give you the option of modifying some of the parameters before it asks you to install them.It will ask you “Do you want to modify this tune” before it installs it and thats when you click “the check” and change what you like!This file is located in the intune drive and labeled “info.xml”.

For instance, if you choose an 87 Octane Tune, that tune includes a set of ECM Settings.

The in Tune will still ask if you want to modify aspects of the tune such as fan controls, dod/afm setting, rev limiter etc…

Entering the code completes the registration process.

You can view the registration status, current firmware, the tool’s locked/unlocked status, and more info inside the file.

What this means is it's not the place to request a "How To".

This forum is meant only for members who wish to post the specific steps to complete a project or modification of some sort.It also is used for sending your information/files into Diablo in case technical support is required.This is as simple as dragging files from the in Tune drive, onto you desktop and sending them off to Diablo by email or through the forum.The intention is to reduce the common questions involved with the initial updating of the in Tune, also the basic tuning and restoring options available.• Skill Level: Anyone• Time: 1-2 hours• Special Tools: A computer running windows is preferred; however a Mac can be used with some extra steps(These steps are explained later).The supplied USB cable, OBD cable, and the in Tune itself are required. If doing more than one vehicle, another in Tune will be needed.If your really seeking custom performance be sure to give a shout out to a Diablo CMR for a custom tuning solution that is built for your exact vehicle. Only thing wrong with it was that it wasn't online when I got my Intune in December. I have gotten "no ecu found" before which I blame on this. I turn of the headlamps to keep my weak battery from alarming... Took a good bit of time vs other how to's ive done.I was afraid I'd screw something up and I could see the tow truck pulling me into the dealer to flash my truck. I conferred with Lew several times to get things right... Secure anything that can cause any voltage fluctuations on the vehicle.This includes aftermarket parts, lights, head units, etc…Also anything on the truck that will come on and off.I like to close my doors and let the truck relax lol. One tip for nnbs owners is to close the door’s latch switch, it will make the truck think the door is closed but still leave you some fresh air! These canned tunes are preset tunes that can modify the stock vehicle with different level of performance based on the settings chosen.

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