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Dougie poynter dating frankie

‘We got to a point where we needed time apart,’ she says.‘It was all getting a bit much and we decided to take a break.

Ellie is currently recording her third album in London, but has been taking time out from her busy schedule to see her boyfriend as much as possible, and flew out to Australia in February to join the band on tour.

The pair confirmed that they were dating in May and have since made no secret of their affection for each other, often posting sweet photos together to their social media accounts.

They've been inseparable for over a year now, but Ellie Goulding and Dougie Poynter made a permanent display of their love for each other on Monday by getting matching tattoos.

The loved-up pair have both had a skull and cross bone design inked on their middle finger, which they proudly showed off on Instagram.

My source tells me: “Organisers arranged transport for the girls so they would arrive at the festival site once Mc Fly had left – to make sure the pair didn’t have to bump into each other.

“They both made it clear that they respect each other’s privacy, so it was more to make sure there wasn’t any unnecessary awkwardness.

It’s not got any sources to back this up on, so we’ll keep an eye out on the girls’ Twitter and so.

We sure hope this is just a false rumour because there’s been far too many break ups already!

Frankie has moved out of the place they shared.’ that she “was having a bit of a crisis” which prompted the separation in March.

“We’d been living together for nearly two years and it felt too much too young.

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