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Numbering of Executive Orders began in 1907 by the Department of State, which assigned numbers to all the orders then in their files dating from 1862 (Lord 1944, viii).

Through those efforts, the frequency of unnumbered orders declined sharply.

Today virtually all numbered Executive Orders are published.

From there, they were transported inland to the internment camps.

The first internment camp in operation was Manzanar, located in southern California.

That action was the culmination of the federal government’s long history of racist and discriminatory treatment of Asian immigrants and their descendants that had begun with restrictive immigration policies in the late 1800s.attack on Pearl Harbor by Japanese aircraft on December 7, 1941, the U. War Department suspected that Japanese Americans might act as saboteurs, despite a lack of hard evidence to support that view. Department of Justice, which opposed moving innocent civilians, and the John J. Individuals who broke curfew were subject to immediate arrest. Although the word Japanese did not appear in the executive order, it was clear that only Japanese Americans were targeted, though some other immigrants, including Germans, Italians, and Aleuts, also faced detention during the war.

Some political leaders recommended rounding up Japanese Americans, particularly those living along the West Coast, and placing them in detention centres inland. Mc Cloy, the assistant secretary of war, remarked that if it came to a choice between national security and the guarantee of civil liberties expressed in the Constitution, he considered the Constitution “just a scrap of paper.”At the time of the Pearl Harbor attack, approximately 125,000 Japanese Americans lived on the mainland in the United States. The nation’s political leaders still debated the question of relocation, but the issue was soon decided. On March 18, 1942, the federal War Relocation Authority (WRA) was established.

President Hoover attempted to bring further order and regularity to the processing and documenting of Executive orders (ibid).

But it was not until the Federal Register Act in 1936 that a more thorough contemporaneous documentation of Executive Orders began.Before then, and occasionally afterwards, a later discovery of another order has resulted in assigning a number already in use together with an associated letter (e.g., 7709, 7709-A).This practice explains why the total number of orders issued may be greater than the result that would be obtained by subtracting a president’s first order number from his last (and adding 1).In many cases, individuals and families were forced to sell some or all of their property, including businesses, within that period of time.Some Euro-Americans took advantage of the situation, offering unreasonably low sums to buy possessions from those who were being forced to move.People at the camps tried to establish some sense of community.Residents were allowed to live in family groups, and the internees set up schools, churches, farms, and newspapers. Some were first-generation Japanese Americans, known as In early February 1942, the War Department created 12 restricted zones along the Pacific coast and established nighttime curfews for Japanese Americans within them. military authority to exclude any persons from designated areas.Its mission was to “take all people of Japanese descent into custody, surround them with troops, prevent them from buying land, and return them to their former homes at the close of the war.” On March 31, 1942, Japanese Americans along the West Coast were ordered to report to control stations and register the names of all family members.Children played sports and engaged in various activities.Nevertheless, the internment took its toll on Japanese Americans, who spent as long as three years living in an atmosphere of tension, suspicion, and despair., led to a Supreme Court ruling in 1944 that the evacuation and internment of Nisei was constitutional.

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