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But I finished the year pretty much single, and I made a lot of mistakes.

I had one night stands, months-long flings, and revisits with exes.

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The town of Lihue, Hawaii, essentially has had much less than half their average rain in 2016, largely due to a lack of Kona storms with rain both early and late in the year.It's no wonder 2016 will likely go down as one of the top three warmest years on record in the U.S., as a whole, per NOAA's National Centers for Environmental Information)Using the SERCC analysis tools Relative to 1981-2010 Averages Relative to 1981-2010 Averages, during which it picked up just over 25 inches of rain over an eight-day period from Aug. In all, Louisiana's capital picked up 90.54 inches of rain in 2016, their record wettest year dating to 1930.Competition will take place from January 28-31 with live coverage on ESPN and ABC.Join us at Buttermilk Mountain where more than 200 world-class action sports athletes will be competing for medals and prize money while musical performances from internationally-celebrated acts entertain on the X Games Music main stage.It can be rough out there, and you have to feel the roughness before you realize that you not only need to protect yourself, but reserve your time for the people who are worthy of it.X Games will celebrate its 15th year in Aspen, Colorado, in 2016.These anomalies can weight northern, typically colder cities higher in the list.For instance, a number of southern cities, including Atlanta; Montgomery, Alabama; and Nashville are chalked up their record warmest year in 2016.Cities not already mentioned included Cleveland, Concord, New Hampshire, and Shreveport, Louisiana.Click the tweet's images below for a complete list of record warm cities in 2016.

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