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Her muscles are shaped in ways that differ from mine, they were always longer even on a 5'6" frame as her calves cover 3/4 the length of her lower legs and quads extend to the knees.

Doing the same exercises, hers became much thicker.

She has become the stronger and more muscular of the two of us. I'll admit that I am not a skilled wrestler and I've only wrestled her a few times.

This is EXACTLY what Jeri is able to do and I have mentioned it in my past posts about her (and another woman that I know who is also able to do this).

I knew that I must not be the only one that has noticed this type of thing on a muscular female.

She let go and grabbed again with her hands right in my elbos at my upper arms and by then she had my arms pushed even more behind my back.

Then with my arms pinned, she let go with her thighs and quickly dropped her legs down to a grapevine around mine.

Anyway, I have tried do this and I simply can't since my muscle is just too small. I have seen this whole thing happen many times when Jeri is armwrestling and once I see this extra muscle push up from her bicep, I know that it's over for me.

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Just one question, does your wife's muscle expand mostly from the top or does it get bigger all around?It is really amazing - in Jeri's case, she can flex the muscle and, if she needs more size and power she pumps it a few times and flexes again, this time with more force.As a result (and I've seen this up close when she is comparing her muscle with a guy and wants to beat him), the muscle twitches a little as it is flexed and then it pushes up mostly from top and gets much larger (the muscle really swells - its amazing).She grunts every time she powers on my pinned upper body but stops short of tearing my muscles.I was in some pain when she tells me what she could do to me.This became evident some time back when using a tape measure, she was about the same circumference in the biceps, calves, and legs from exercise but stronger in weight lifting.Her muscles are quite a bit larger now and although I'm taller by 6" she is slightly bigger boned.I was sore for a week, it was both a dramatic revelation to find that she is that much stronger and an erotic experience.We have not wrestled since and that was months ago. I have read that female muscle of equal mass is generally stronger both during contraction and endurance.As she flexed her legs my body was pulled down lower but at the same time she pressed my arms behind my back and up with such force and power that I could not move at all.I was at eye level now with her chest stairing at her muscles as she continues to use her legs to hold me and I find that she has much more strength left with moments of her upper body powering on mine.

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