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U-Report regularly sends out polls on a variety of issues, and assesses the results based on demographic data provided by U-Reporters when they sign up.

The pollster bot has achieved some notable results.

Key Points: – This post highlighting 6 bots that are powering social good for everyone, not just businesses.

– These include bots that help people solve legal issues, get therapy, quit smoking and learn to meditate. Learn to build a customer service bot Chatbots are great for customer service, ordering tickets, or just giving you weather updates, but others have nobler goals for their bots.

Rather than making users fill out a lengthy form, Browder used a natural language interface to gather the data needed to fill out the form.

He then used IBM Watson’s Conversation service which helped him improve accuracy by 30%.

While some bots exist to help you stop a habit, others want to help you start one.

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Entrepreneur Eric Rems created Meditate Bot as a Facebook Messenger tool to help him remember to meditate.

Meditation is a proven health technique, and helps practitioners to remain mindful throughout the day, reducing stress and conflict.

Developed over a weekend, the chatbot teaches the benefits of meditation and advises on different kinds.

In addition to encouraging words, the bot also provides tips for managing stress and building a support network.

Participants can expect links to mobile webpages designed to help people give up smoking.

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