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I find it fascinating to see how they interact and communicate with one another. I am continually learning more and would love to spend more time with those who have the ability to communicate to animals through body language and understanding.

My family, almost all of them have been involved in some part of it.

I come from a big family—I have five brothers and sisters.

They were really sweet and didn’t laugh (too much) as I walked into the Hard Rock Cafe carrying every single thing I own on my shoulders.

It gave them a chance to admire my new iphone 4 and to discuss the story behind how difficult it was to procure. We talked a little bit about how Heartland is moving south of the border and will be airing, for the first time, on American televisions.

They constantly asked questions like, “It’s just small town Canada, right? They both told me stories of moms driving their kids on quests to find the ranch.

It could be Anywhere, Canada…not a specific town, right? The cast actually found this to be more sweet than stalker-esque, which really feels like a testament to a Canadian cast.

My left leg caught on the bike and my jeans ripped from my ankle to my crotch. The bike was fine, I was fine, it was just my jeans were ripped in half.

I fell over, the bike went flying and they got it all on camera. Thank you very much for the interview today Graham and good luck on your next season!

It was like Little House on the Prairie meets The Young and the Restless – in the very best way possible, because those are two of my most favorite shows to ever hit the airwaves.

The show had everything I needed to keep me entertained, keep me laughing, keep me rooting for the good guys.

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