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Neonatal Mortality by Birth Weight among Singleton Livebirths in the United States from 1995-2000 (n = 5,049,104, analyzed in 250-g categories).

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In a study that examined shoulder dystocia-related permanent fetal injury as a function of birth weight, the absolute risk of fetal damage increased suddenly and dramatically at a threshold of 4,000 g from 1 in 1,368 deliveries to 1 in 275 deliveries (5-fold increase in risk) (see Table 2) Limiting the potential complications associated with the birth of both small and excessively large fetuses requires an accurate estimation of fetal weight before delivery.

Perinatal complications associated with excessive birth weight include the following: Mean birth weight can be described as a function of gestational age.

Standard fetal-growth curves are used to estimate the range of expected fetal weight for populations of women at any particular gestational age, but they are not applicable to specific individual women because of variations in fetal weight and in birth weights in neonates among different racial groups.

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