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In this chapter:(1) "Member" means a person who submits to an online dating service provider the information required by the provider to access the provider's service for the purpose of engaging in dating or participating in a compatibility evaluation with other persons.(2) "Online dating service provider" means a person engaged in the business of offering or providing to its members access to dating or compatibility evaluations between persons through the Internet to arrange or facilitate the social introduction of two or more persons for the purpose of promoting the meeting of individuals.(3) "Texas member" means a member who provides a billing address or zip code in this state when registering with the online dating service provider.

This chapter does not apply to an Internet service provider serving as an intermediary for the transmission of electronic messages between members of an online dating service provider.


(a) An online dating service provider that offers services to residents of this state and conducts a criminal background check on each member before permitting a Texas member to communicate through the provider with another member shall clearly and conspicuously disclose to all Texas members that the provider conducts a criminal background check, as described by Section 106.003, on each member before permitting a Texas member to communicate through the provider with another member.(b) An online dating service provider that offers services to residents of this state and conducts a criminal background check on each member shall include on the provider's Internet website:(1) a statement of whether the provider excludes from its online dating service all persons identified as having been convicted of:(A) a felony offense;(B) an offense the conviction or adjudication of which requires registration as a sex offender under Chapter 62, Code of Criminal Procedure; or(C) an offense for which an affirmative finding of family violence was made under Article 42.013, Code of Criminal Procedure;(2) a statement of the number of years of a member's criminal history that is included in a criminal background check; and(3) a statement that:(A) criminal background checks are not foolproof;(B) criminal background checks may give members a false sense of security;(C) criminal background checks are not a perfect safety solution;(D) criminals may circumvent even the most sophisticated search technology;(E) not all criminal records are public in all states and not all databases are up to date;(F) only publicly available convictions are included in the criminal background check; and(G) the criminal background check does not cover other types of convictions than convictions for offenses described by Section 106.003(a) or any convictions from foreign countries.(c) A disclosure required by Subsection (a) must be stated in bold, capital letters in at least 12-point type on the online dating service provider's Internet website.

On the other hand, there are free online dating sites you can visit and sign up with.

If you are into keeping your money in your pocket then try it for your own convenience.This is one way of encouraging other people to try online dating and to socialize with thousands of people across the world.Whether you prefer Asian, British, American or German, they are all contained in one site that you can join to.There are so many various types of dating sites online and they are offer different types of online dating services.Remember that this is an opportunity to find your partner so you should decide whether you put eagerness into it.There are sites which ask for a registration or a subscription fee.Of course, the prices vary from site to site and the services also differ from one another.But most people back then had the misconception that online daters are those who are so hopeless and desperate in life.This is not at all true, even the online daters say that they find it fun and entertaining because you get to know hundreds of people and matches from all over the country or even foreigners. (a) An online dating service provider who violates this chapter is liable to the state for a civil penalty in an amount not to exceed 0 for each Texas member registered with the online dating service provider during the time of the violation.(b) The attorney general may:(1) seek an injunction to prevent or restrain a violation of this chapter; or(2) bring suit to recover the civil penalty imposed under Subsection (a).(c) The attorney general may recover reasonable expenses incurred in obtaining an injunction or civil penalty under this section, including court costs and reasonable attorney's fees. This chapter does not create a private right of action.

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