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And the one thing about INTJ women as a whole that I can appreciate (me being an ISTP), is that you gals know how and when to not pry.Not just that, but people of your MBTI type make me laugh the most.I personally seek out women that are INTJ's because, not to sound like a complete snob that is typical for us ENTJ's, they can keep up with my wit and sense of humor.

Most people get scared during the first few stages, before they’ve unearthed all the layers guarding me.” ~ Shreya and I are both INTJ-As, and as such we share many (not all) personality traits. And as she mentions the “layers” guarding us, I’ll pre-warn you that there are so many that no one will ever peel them all away.

It comes down to a few key reasons: These traits don’t bother us, but they do make for a tough time getting to know us, or (worse) having relationships with us.

Here’s how: As an INTJ, I wish you much luck and success in getting to know us.

If you have a romantic relationship with one of us, I wish you more luck. And, if you’re interested in working with me, check out my coaching program.

They see my intelligence and they seem to think that they have to keep up or else I will think less of them. I've never found their "smartness" intimidating - it makes conversing with them more fun.

Supposedly we are good with ENTPs, but the ENTP I used to date was the MOST competitive person I've met, though he would do it subtly. I personally really appreciate how quickly we can cut through social shallowness and get right to the point whenever needed (not sure if this is a normal "feature" of INTJs but it is with these two).As a result, many (FJ Types especially) might inherently distrust and suspect a woman who is more logical.Total conjecture on my part :) Maybe, but I think we have better shots at finding truly supportive relationships...we're naturally good filterers.I don't mean physically, but I mean how we think and act.Being a girl, I have a difficult time preventing myself from intimidating guys. Intimidating men means they think you have profound substance and are probably out of their league. It's interesting to note all of the INTJ's who posted here thus far are Sexual/Social. My guess is we should be thankful for that, as far as dating goes anyway...The only thing I find frustrating is that I don't read intentional flirting well at ALL.I'll know a guy is physically attracted to me before I know he's flirting.I would imagine that for female INTJ it is equally (more?) challenging to have female friends since a higher percentage of women tend to be F's than T's.grlgrl said: I feel like our type is naturally what society considers to be "masculine".Being a girl, I have a difficult time preventing myself from intimidating guys. Both of them are a relief to be around - both are smart, logical and have a great sense of humor.

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  • INTJ Women — You Are Not Alone – Evelyn Bertrand – Medium

    Jul 5, 2017. Brilliant. Powerful. Intimidating. Masculine. Driven. Cold. Bitchy. Uncaring. Standoffish. Disinterested. Detached. These are two sets of words that describe INTJ women, also known as Alpha women. I say Alpha women because I really don't see a difference between the personality traits that are attributed to.…