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Is consolidating credit card debt a good idea

If that does happen, then what do you do the next time you've racked up too much debt? The vicious debt spiral can only be stopped once you master your monthly budget.If you can run a surplus for six months without problems, then by all means take a look at refinancing.

The potential advantages of student loans span beyond the ability to finance a college education.

These loans are frequently at very low interest rates and can feature low monthly payments.

In many situations, however, consolidating debt into a mortgage comes at a cost: You must break your current mortgage and the high-interest debt then gets amortized into the new mortgage balance at a lower interest rate.

Your overall debt goes up by a few thousand dollars (the cost to break the term and perhaps paying a CMHC premium on the increased balance on the mortgage), the rate of interest you pay overall goes down, but those high-interest debts are now being paid off over much longer periods of time. Paying high interest for a few years or paying lower interest for a few decades?

The same is not true for student loans that are combined with credit cards and put into one loan.

Once student loans are lumped in with any other type of debt they no longer fall under the protective umbrella of student loan status, and all of the potential advantages are gone.

An alternative is to research options for separate consolidation products for student loans, and then for credit card debt.

It may turn out that the best option is to consolidate student loans together using a special program and then consolidate credit card debt using another method, such as a balance transfer or consolidation loan.

Debt consolidations are nothing new, but they only work if the person is not simply looking for a quick fix.

In this particular case, 0 was freed up in monthly cash flow and the refinanced mortgage interest rate was lower.

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