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There is ADF member Jason Burton, set to go to trial in 2017.

The look on their faces when police knock on their door and reveal they were talking to an officer is just part of the satisfaction that helps them investigate such horrific crimes against children, Mr Haddow said."Some people can't understand why you would do this [job] but the reason is because you care for children," he said.

The faces on the "wall of shame" are diverse; from teenagers to 70-year-olds, school teachers, fathers, defence force members, priests, police academy students and aspiring was arrested at the St Leonard's office of Fremantle Media.

One student told us it makes it difficult for them to learn."It's definitely a pain in the butt," one sophomore told ABC Action News."It really is because it would be so hot."Glick said she pays for water out of her own pocket so students don't overheat in the baking classroom."It's hard to teach and keep them interested and excited when they're sweating."Maintenance records show more than 20,000 requests from teachers, students and other district employees to fix similar issues from January-September of 2016.

Some students told ABC Action News they did not notice major issues with the air conditioning and heat.

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