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Detectives know that many people are incredibly inept in retelling details of critical life experiences. In matters of he said/she said, we almost always believe the women and tend to ignore that the other person has a story too.

Ansari has now released a statement regarding the woman’s characterization, saying that he was surprised and concerned.

“Finally, I just said, ‘When I win an Oscar in one of your movies, okay?

“We need to look at the process” (of outing predators).

“Women feel that they are maligned and mistreated through the process and therefore they are afraid to come forward.” Another overriding flaw in the process, according to Mika is that “right now, any woman can say anything and a man’s career is ruined.” Brzezinski says she understands the travails of women in the world and the aggressiveness of some men to impede or even assault women.

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The boy forces himself onto the girl (or other boy, or girl with girl, or gender fluid with gender fluid) and commits a criminal assault or even rape. Read about Aziz Ansari’s September 2017 date and the subsequent fallout from his inability to recognize NO.

The #Me Too movement has made massive strides enlightening the masses when boy meets person of interest. Avowed feminist Ansari could claim #Me Too Soon but his date’s description of the night sounds ominous.In addition, leading companies like Jet Blue, Lego and Intuit use Whitepages to help prevent fraudulent transactions while delivering great online experiences.“He just kept coming at me with all this other stuff,” she explained to journalist Diane Sawyer.There are probably several factors that go into that - some we know about and are already working to correct for next year.Everyone I spoke to enjoyed themselves immensely, and felt like it was one of the top Porc Fests.Banfield replied on air, noting the hypocrisy of the child feminist who attacks other women to bolster her work. PUMP THE BRAKES – THERE ARE TWO SIDES TO EACH STORY Men and women are both flawed creatures.We all know chronic liars, embellishers, and attention seekers in genders of all forms.I mean, we’ve all operated with a certain amount of tone deafness, and I like the culpability, and we have to have restorative justice.” Franco’s complex story sounds like he’s using performance art to abuse women. People are losing their minds over a letter signed by 100 French women acknowledging the need for a “freedom to pester.” The actress Catherine Deneuve, a co-signer of the letter, is now apologizing to victims of rape and assault but still noting that censorship and mob lynching of the accused is not acceptable prior to due process. ———————- ———————- One of the best takes on this topic comes from Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski.She, like all women, has faced the challenges of a female fighting through a male dominated world.We fully expect that 45% to get their butts in gear and #Make Your Move.There has already been some media coverage and a bunch of Facebook posts from both first-timers and long-time PF veterans that express the enjoyment of spending a few days with their tribe.

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