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But the vast majority of anti-gay violence goes unreported and Jamaican police almost never acknowledge an anti-gay motive in the violent crimes they investigate.During one two-week period last April alone, J-FLAG learned of two lesbian couples in Kingston who were brutally gang-raped in separate incidents.“Dancehall artists say they don’t mean people should go out and kill gay people but people do take it literally, and why wouldn’t they?

The fear is all the other way,” N told me inside an HIV prevention center, one of the few places in Kingston where we could talk without fear of retribution from someone overhearing our conversation.

Leaving an upscale Kingston restaurant a few months before, fourteen men had ambushed N and a male colleague in the restaurant’s parking lot.

Several months ago, Antirum’s nephew, a gang leader, or shotta, was deported to Jamaica from England where he had been living.

Finding the two women living in the house that Antirum legally owns, the nephew forcibly evicted the couple. With their lives threatened in Kingston, the women abandoned their jobs and network of friends and relatives, and are renting an apartment in St.

I got a glimpse of what it might be like to be gay in Kingston when I spent a day walking the city’s streets with Antirum and Bracy-Ann, the middle names of two Jamaican women who had been living together in Kingston.

Each has the other’s initials framed with a heart tattooed on their arms.

Jamaica’s dancehall music is being blamed for the country’s violent attacks on gays.

But there are many who don’t see the music as homophobic, only the battle cry of a changing nation. Read part 1 of this article here.“Homophobia is the wrong term for what’s going on in Jamaica because there’s no fear of gays here.

“I can pull up to a red light and something can happen. I’m afraid someone will call me out as gay for using too many hand gestures. Anything can be used to call a man gay, on the street or in the neighborhood.”This fear of being identified as gay may have even contributed to Jamaica’s rising incidence of colon cancer.

Jamaican men often refuse digital rectal examinations out of fear the procedure will result in an allegation of homosexuality, health officials have complained to local media.

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