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As a privacy rights advocate and owner of the private social media network Sgrouples, I could never personally justify such behavior to my users or even myself.Many of Europe's privacy regulators feel the same way, which is why they are currently examining Facebook for privacy law violations.Too many service provider leaders want us to blindly accept Rudder's reality.

Using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and a phrenologic map of a stray cat I can now show the correlation between unemployment and time spent pursuing online dating. Don’t they know how seriously people take those numbers? OK Cupid claims they did this manipulation in order to test the accuracy of their mystical match percentages. Send a note or write a […] Have you been listening to, downloading, and enjoying OKStupid, the podcast? All those result in a modern love story that almost ends in a restraining order. After sending over 200 messages he finally finds true love through the internet. In other words, Google knew who you are without your telling them and used that information to form results. Contrary to his beliefs, this is not how all websites need to work. Secondly, by saying everyone is doing it doesn't make it right.First of all, not all websites conduct experiments on you. And thirdly, condoning such behavior says more about how Rudder values his users than anything else."OK Stupid" is the story of one 34 year-old man's reluctant journey through the world of online dating. The book is filled with hilarious messages sent to women on an online dating site, graphs comparing the acceptance of online dating to the popularity of the Dave Matthews Band and of course, the dates where he wishes he had his emergency contact number memorized. The impartial search engine is in fact very partial, feeding you what benefits Google more than what benefits you. But at the end of the day, what I search for today and from where should have little impact on my search, unless that is something I request. A few years ago search engine provider Duck Duck Go, a privacy advocate company, did an interesting study where they had 100 people search for the same election topics on Google at the same time.Everyone of course got different results even if the users were signed out of Google.To humbly accept Rudder's statement is at best admitting a widening gap between the technology and its original purpose and at worst, surrendering our rights without a fight.Clearly, as polls show, people understand our privacy is at risk.

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