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But perhaps the greatest value is at the end, I give one site on romantic shayari love phrases for sms, and two sites where you can meet girls on both sides of the border. This post will discuss generally the culture of these women and ideas where to meet them and not to meet them.

However, even with these issues they are really blessed with some of the most beautiful, loyal women in the world. You marry a Punjabi girl, chances are she never had a boyfriend.

I think many American girls do not have this same level of moral virtue.

Further, in Western culture if you are a man a want to marry a girl of virtue, you are almost laughed at. So Pakistani guys have a lot going for them when it comes to women, even though if their culture is a little traditional and it prevents them from relaxed interaction.

The cities where you find the most single Punjabi girls are Lahore, Dubai, Islamabad, Amritsar, Chandigarh, Himachal Pradesh if you can travel. If you live in Pakistan or India than it is less of a problem to meet these girls.

On the Indian side it is 60% Sikh 37% Hindu and a minority are Muslims, Jains and Christians.

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Some people say if you are from the Middle East look on the Pakistan side, if you are from India or the West look on the Indian side for your princess. On one hand they want to meet beautiful Punjabi girls, but on the other hand they live in a very traditional culture and it is hard to interact with females on a normal basis.I guess unless you have in Pakistani culture, it is very hard to meet nice girls.Punjab university is one of the best place to meet female students, for example, the gate next to Sheikh Zayed Hospital.I hear guys debating who are more hot Pakistani girls or Indian girls. Sure countries can have differences when it comes to some abstract political ideology. I have no connection to these sites whatsoever, I just think they are of value if you want to chat up Punjabi girls.Punjab means the land of five waters (rivers: Chenab, Jhelum, Ravi, Beas and Sutlej ).It is the area which the home of the most ancient civilizations in the world. I am talking about seeds and crops, not women of course.But remember a good normal Pakistani girl will not make eye contact with you.For a women to make eye contact in Punjab land is like an invitation.It strange how so many people in the world think these exotic distant lands are so different when in reality they are our cousins under the veil of cultural differences.Religiously they are 90% Islamic and 10% Sikh, Zoroastrian, Christian and Hindu on the Pakistan side.

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