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A more detailed despciption of the Subject series is available through our online catalog, org. Abbott, William Abbruzzese, Anthony - alias Angelo Bruce Abel, Emmanuel M. - architect Abell, Alice - Morristown, NJ Abell, C. - former Kathleen Pancoast Abels, Alexander [SEE ALSO Temple University -Tyler School] Abercrombie, F.

The Alphabetical series, which comprises about 80% of the collection, is described to the folder level, with each folder representing an individual or family.

Doing so is a violation of United States Copyright Laws.

photograph morgue is comprised of black and white photographs dating primarily from 1920-1945, though some date from as early as 1900. Abernethy, Leo - Pittsburgh, PA Ableman, Bertha, Mrs. - Elkins Park, PA Abrams, Herman Abrams, Irving Abrams, Louis - Mc Clure trial Abrams, Meyer A.

[SEE ALSO Sulzberger, Arthur; York, Leonard, Pvt.; Daniel, Derril M., Lt. - former Anne Hacker Alcott, Carroll - author [SEE ALSO Salvation Army - Philadelphia 1944] Alden, Priscilla E.

- Wilmington, DE Adler, Jeanne - Chestnut Hill Adler, Joan [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Defense Council Volunteers] Adler, Joseph - Coast Guard - Philadelphia Adler, Julius Ochs, Col.

The collection is divided into two series: Subject (approximately 20%) and Alphabetical (approximately 80%) with the former covering events and the latter focusing on individuals and families. Abraham, Barbara - society Abrahams, Dorothy - Philadelphia Abrahams, Harold J. [SEE ALSO Casey, George W.; Beury, Charles E., Dr.; Respirators; Parker, Andrew Mac Lean; Kaldoner, Harry; Philadelphia - Buildings; Kent Atwater Museum] Abrams, Peter [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Records - Victory Center; U. - Finances - Defense Bonds - Awards] Abramson, Ellis Abramson, George - hold-up victim Abramson, Herman P. Schell [SEE ALSO Benedict, Richard, Mrs.] Achenbach, George W., Mrs.

staff photographers or by other agencies and published by permission. Abrahams, Mark - Philadelphia Abrahams, Nathan - Forrest Theatre [SEE ALSO Faces] Abrahams, Robert D. - Philadelphia [SEE ALSO War - World War - 2D - Atrocities - German - U. - blackmail Abramson, Samuel - attorney Abri, James Abronski, Raymond W. - Philadelphia Abruzzo, Philip Accobacco, Dominick Achenbach, B. - former Mary Margaret O'Connell Achey, Webster - attorney Acholl, Henry, Cpl.

- Philadelphia Adamowski, Mary - WAVE Adams, Albert C. - society [SEE ALSO Del, Glen] Adams, Daphne - Philadelphia Adams, Edwin W., Dr. - Pennsylvania Sugar Company Adams, John Maxwell, Rev.

- former Miriam Folwell Adam, Malcolm - Penn Mutual Adama, Raymond G. Adams, Jane - society [SEE ALSO Pew, Frances] Adams, John D.

The geographic scope of this series is somewhat narrower in that the majority of personages are from the United States.

The Subject series includes, but is not limited to: agriculture; architecture & buildings; cities & towns; civil unrest; commerce; disasters, both natural and man made; economics; finance; healthcare; industry; leisure; military; organizations; Philadelphia society; politics; prisons; public works; religion; sport; transportation; schools; war.

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    The Philadelphia Record photograph morgue is comprised of black and white photographs dating primarily from 1920-1945, though some date from as early as 1900. Auritt, Judy - swimmer SEE ALSO Forbes, Dorothy; Patterson, Pat; Evans, Dot; Verdeur, Joe; University of Pennsylvania; Swimming; Large Photo File.…