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Paul janka dating tips

This list eventually turned into a spreadsheet that then became two spreadsheets, one for “leads” - girls he had met on the street but hadn’t slept with - and “closes” - girls he had taken to bed.

Somewhat of a wallflower in high school, Janka was raised primarily by his mother and had more success with swimming, soccer and studying than he did with the opposite sex. Now Janka is a recognizable face in the Pick Up Artist community, a collection of alpha-male teachers, mentors and advisers all helping less confident men to answer one question: How can I have more sex with women?

The Pick Up Artist community has spawned books (Neil Strauss’ “The Game”), television shows (VH1’s “The Pickup Artist”), forums (led by guys with names like Gambler and Sinn) and of course the mark of anything successful, an acronym (PUA).

They in turn sent it to a few friends and in less time than it usually took him to take a girl’s number and get her into bed, his words had gone viral.

The handbook contained totally uncensored advice about using a fairly basic system to get a woman into the sack with as little effort as possible and without spending a dime, the overwhelming themes being to exude confidence, get as many phone numbers as possible and date constantly.

Now living in Los Angeles, Kiki, 26, met Janka at a Starbucks and was immediately impressed by him, even after learning his history.

“I just thought, ‘.’” The two had instant chemistry with one another and soon began an open relationship that lasted for about a year.

By comparing the lists, Janka was able to calculate his “close rate”– 11 percent.

“It sounds like a low percentage but I didn’t spend any money or much time at all, so it’s a pretty good rate,” he says.

” is met with a smile and a “Sure.” Janka seamlessly loads her number into his cellphone and he’s gone, the entire exchange having taken about 90 seconds.

This encounter was just one of thousands of times Janka has approached a woman on the street and gotten her number in the hopes of sleeping with her within a matter hours or, failing that, days.

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