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Perfect Date: Make Your Own Genre You like upbeat romcoms. Instead of choosing one over the other, Google around and meet in the middle with a Bollywood film, for example."When people have strong tastes, you have to honor them.You better believe here at The Dating Divas we have know how to plan an unforgettable couples date night!

Check out this super popular group date night idea!

Our amazing Mall Scavenger Hunt is not only fun and creative, but it is completely planned for you! Simply grab a few of your favorite friends, press print, and head to the mall for a night of entertainment!

“Best of all, it doesn’t feel like you’re worried about money, even if you are.”Perfect Date: Separate... So find a place where you can chill while he gets his heart rate up, like the gym.

Take a yoga class while he sweats through spin class, then share an energy shake afterward.

Perfect Date: Let Him Lead Suggest that he design the date around something he's passionate about.

If he's a wine guru, invite friends over for a tasting so he can show off his expertise.Have a blast with your favorite couples as you perform random acts of kindness in your community!We have come up with the PERFECT idea to keep you busy all night long with our Group Service Scavenger Hunt Date Night!Perfect Date: Trade Spaces Newsflash: You can spend a luxurious night away from home without breaking the bank.Talk some friends into trading houses for the night."You can even blindfold your partner and make him guess what part of town you're in," advises Pepper Schwartz, Ph.D., a sociology professor at the University of Washington in Seattle and relationship expert from Top off your night by using a few of our cute printables to decorate! Let the good times roll with this awesome Couples Bunco Game Night!We have included EVERYTHING you need to host a fun group date night with your favorite friends with our Diva Central Exclusive printable pack!Go to one spot you know (like your local farmers' market) and one you don't (like that new bowling alley across town)."You'll feel comfortable and he won't get bored," says Schwartz.

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