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Phpbb3 version not updating acp

has already seen a number of improvements to the process of uploading attachments.

We managed to merge the password hashing manager which will allow us to easily transition to newer more secure password hashing algorithms in the future.

It will be the basis for an easier conversion process from hashing algorithms used by other forum software.

Uploaded file size limits are no longer as limited as before and there is visual feedback throughout the uploads making use of new HTML5 features.

So you can watch the upload progress as you continue to edit your post.

We now have a generic framework for dropdowns in prosilver.

We’ve started to use it for the new topic tools button from where you can manage bookmarking, attachment downloads and subscriptions to topics.Further we now offer an option to download all attachments contained in a topic as an archive file (zip, bz2, gz, tar).This feature has been integrated into a new topic toolbox which contains topic options such as subscription management and bookmarks.Currently switching from another forum software to php BB requires the use of a custom authentication plugin to keep passwords working.The refactoring of profile fields which was merged at the event will allow extensions to work with profile fields and add new types of profile fields.We’re happy to announce the immediate availability of the third preview release of the upcoming php BB 3.1, codenamed Ascraeus.This preview release is targeted at php BB developers and advanced users who wish to assist us with this very important testing phase.A number of German php BB developers – including me – are members of the German association and decided to use the opportunity to work face-to-face for a day.We were joined by php volunteers who helped with bug triaging and pull requests and worked on translation related projects.Instead we will provide regular patch files generated with GNU diff.Alpha3 will contain all the improvements we finished over the weekend.

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  • Ticket/15534 Update extensions

    For 3.2.x only as for the master branch this is not the. the installation's version. Otherwise this will need updating for. database in acp.…