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An article by linguist Konstantinos Efstathios-Georganas, based on the groundbreaking book: Hebrew is Greek, by Joseph Yahuda, LL.

For many years, it has been wrongly taught that the word "Zeus," when conjugated in the genitive declination becomes του Διός.

ed.]The "Hebrew" national emblem The Hebrew national emblem is Greek.

An extensive article was published in the English Encyclopedia of Man, Myth & Magic, under the title "Judaism," by Louis Jacobs, a rabbi at the New Synagogue in London, and a lecturer at Leo Baeck College on rabbinical education.

David and his ancestors did not spend any time with astronomy, nor did they produce stone seals.

There was no "Seal of Solomon." This one symbol cannot have represented two leaders simultaneously, related or not, with different names and significance. If either version is to be considered true, then there would have been no need for its adoption centuries after the reigns of Solomon or David, i.e., in 1897 A. The Greek symbol of the six-point star has had deep symbolism going back to pre-history.

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