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While that alone couldn’t convict him, in 2009, DNA evidence finally nailed Cooper for both the Thomas and Dixon murders.

Alcala, 73, a former child photographer convicted in Orange County for a string of murders in Southern California, remains at California’s Corcoran State Prison and is sentenced to death.

The man once nicknamed “The Dating Game Killer” because he appeared on that game show while in the midst of his killing rampage may have as many as 130 victims across the country, police in Wyoming said Tuesday, citing estimates by authorities.

Though prosecutors said her body was uncovered by a rancher in Wyoming in 1982, Thornton’s alleged link to Alcala wasn’t known for decades.

THE PHOTOS In 2013, Thornton’s sister, Kathy Thornton, saw an online display of photos taken by Alcala decades earlier, and recognized the subject of one of those photos as her sister.

Some online news stories mention Alcala may have an estimated 50 to 130 victims, but the actual number is unknown.

Prosecutors in Rock Springs, Wyo., said Tuesday that one of those victims was Christine Ruth Thornton, 28, of San Antonio.After years of saying he was innocent of murder, Alcala pleaded guilty in 2013 to killing two young women in New York state.When Wyoming investigators spoke with Alcala this month in Corcoran, they showed him an aerial photo of the location where Thornton’s body was found, according to the warrant.Scarier still is that Alcala is not the only sicko to have had a go as a game-show contestant who’d later be revealed as a murderer. Had Cooper never killed again, he might have skated forever on the Thomas slayings.On May 28, 1989, though, Cooper brazenly turned up on shoot, Cooper ambushed Peter and Gwenda Dixon, a vacationing couple walking along a coastal path.[Wales Online] Recommended For You: Watch Now: San Diego Police Race To Catch A Killer With An Unthinkable Calling Card Watch Now: Aurora, Indiana, Hadn’t Had A Murder In Decades Until A Beloved Mother & Hairstylist Is Found Slain In Her Own Home Watch Now: A Successful Young Woman Is Missing, Along With The Last Man She Saw — But He’s Openly Gay, So What’s Their Connection?Convicted serial killer Rodney Alcala was charged with murder Tuesday in Wyoming in the killing of a woman reported missing in 1977 – a charge authorities credited, in part, to information from the Huntington Beach Police Department.The pictures, Ellis added, came with an unspoken message: “Here it is, and here we are.” HOW SHE WAS DISCOVERED One of those photos was of a pretty 20-something woman, wearing a yellow top and flip-flops and looking to be about six months pregnant, sitting atop a Kawasaki 500 motorcycle.After Kathy Thornton saw the picture, in 2013, she called the source – Huntington Beach police.plunges viewers into the horrifying case of serial killer Rodney Alcala, who was convicted of seven murders and is suspected in as many as 130.As both the show’s title and Alcala’s infamous nickname indicate, the diabolical slayer also competed on TV’s — and won — smack in the midst of a heinous spree. JOHN COOPER: THE BUTCHER OF In 1985, Wales native John Cooper murdered Richard Thomas, 58, and Helen Thomas, the victim’s 56-year-old sister, before torching their farmhouse and escaping.

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