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Yet he would become known for the ability — often by coining witty and pithy sayings — “to explain spirituality and the Catholic faith in ways that everyone could understand.” And he did it first on radio — so it wasn’t his striking good looks that had people hang­ing on his words.

That was as early as 1930, when he began a Sunday-night broadcast called .

But the healing had already survived the diocesan-level vetting.“Every milestone [in development] he has crossed was a milestone we thought he wouldn’t achieve,” she says with a kind of awe.The miracle of her stillborn baby’s not only returning to life but being undamaged has touched her in other ways too.Apostoli says that when he saw Sheen, he wanted to be like him — not the celebrity aspect but “the man of God.” It was Billy Graham — no slouch himself at communicating Christ — who said, “Sheen was the greatest communicator of the twentieth century.” Looking at Sheen’s background, this is surprising.When he started his educational path to the priesthood, the successful business-man’s son’s potential for scholarship, not for communicating to huge groups of ordinary people, was what drew attention.God has friends in places little connected with Him in the public mind.Would you believe an American proposed for official sainthood whose prime time television show brought him an emmy — for talking about God yet? Sheen may have the distinction of ending up with not just one shrine but two.The facts actually made public, with the cooperation of the family, when Sheen was named Venerable in 2012 show the devotion Sheen can inspire.Bonnie Engstrom and her family live in a small central-Illinois town not that far from El Paso, Illinois, the little town where Sheen was born.There he picked up a thousand pages of meticulous testi­mony and medical records on the cure of a seriously ill infant boy whose family belong to the Ukrainian Diocese of St. The Catholic Ukrainian diocese is small and without either the person­nel or financial resources to conduct the necessary investigation of a cure. While details of the infant’s cure were withheld, Fr.Ambrosi said only that the baby was “gravely ill” when his parents sought Archbishop Sheen’s prayer inter­cession. Andrew Apostoli has said the infant had three life-threatening conditions, one of which was the worst form of sepsis.

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